Members with Diabetes are encouraged to use wireless Glucometers. Three Ways To Use the MyGlucoHealth Glucometer

  1. As a stand alone glucometer, bring it to GFC at the YMCA when you exercise to upload your test results on the GFC computer.
  2. As a meter that connects to your PC or MAC by a USB cable.
  3. As a wireless* meter that can connect with your PC, MAC or compatible Cell Phone. Just push one button on the meter for it to upload, auto log and save your blood test results quickly and wirelessly* for later retrieval. Print your history anytime.
  4. Watch the video using a cell phone with the glucometer:

After uploading your test results wirelessly or by standard USB cable the results can be automatically be logged into your personal and confidential blood glucose records on your HIPAA compliant web site using the Internet. At last, no more handwritten logs to deal with. Your records may be retrieved and reviewed any time from your PC, MAC or compatible Cell Phone. You may add notes to your tests and print your results in various color formats on paper from a PC or MAC whenever you wish. All of your data will be encrypted, username and password protected.

Your doctor and health care providers will love the colored charts and reports you print and provide to them at office visits. They may also look them up directly using the internet with your permission.

*The MGH glucometer is available with a USB cable or Bluetooth® wireless technology to communicate with most compatible BlueTooth® equipped PC’s, MAC’s and cell phones. Contact us to confirm compatibility or if you have any questions.

MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter is the world's first integrated Bluetooth® enabled blood glucose meter. With the smallest blood sample size (0.3 microliter), automatic coding and results in just 3 seconds, the MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter is the most technically advanced diabetic care product on the market today.

The MyGlucoHealth Wireless Meter along with the MyGlucoHealth Network offers a comprehensive diabetes management platform that gives patients more direct control over their care while providing clear lines of communication with their clinician, family and caregivers.

MyGlucoHealth Wireless works in combination with a real-time online data collection network to upload and report patient blood glucose readings. Using the MyGlucoHealth Network Portal at or regional sites throughout the world, patients can transmit, review and evaluate their daily readings while communicating those same results automatically to their clinician or caregiver. This allows clinicians to stay up-to-date on patients and intervene immediately if needed.

What is Bluetooth®?

Bluetooth® is a secure, short-range communications technology that allows wireless connectivity between devices such as mobile phones, personal computers and other devices.

The Gluco Fitness Center and MyGlucoHealth Network Portal

The Gluco Fitness Center and MyGlucoHealth Portal is an extensive communication and data management web site that provides an easy-to-use interface for automatically collecting test results from patient meters. Results stored on the meter are wirelessly transmitted by mobile phone or PC to the Portal for posting. This is performed automatically using Bluetooth® technology or by connecting a USB cable directly to the meter and a computer. This direct upload process eliminates the manual logging of test results, improving accuracy, providing better access to critical data and removing the opportunity for mistakes or “manufactured” entries.

Make Better Lifestyle Choices

On the Patient Portal, readings are interpreted and charted in a number of ways to best analyze and evaluate blood glucose data. The Portal is designed to help each patient take “ownership” of their disease management so they can make better lifestyle choices.

For more information on the meter's features, click these icons: